Graphic Design

Using both software at ULM and software of my own on my home computer, I have made signs and graphics for many library purposes, including event signs, schedules, maps, and more. Graphic Design is an art, but also fulfils a functional purpose. It is important enough that ULM's own Department of Art offers a B.A. concentration in Graphic Design. I am not a trained graphic design professional, but I always to my best with the tools we have available. I do not believe that the library should have inadequate print promotional items simply because they are too expensive; the library deserves professional-looking artwork which also meets its needs.

When I work on a graphic design project, I often make more than one version and ask the "client" who commissioned it (usually just my colleagues) what they want. Their input often results in a work we are all satisfied with. Here are some samples, some of which are in use at the library currently:





Web design is not only about HTML code and file paths, but is also an art and requires original images as part of the design or content. I have created these on more than one occasion, using both my own software on my home computer as well as those provided by ULM. When doing so, I am careful to use ULM’s official colors and logos (which are also very helpful). Additionally I also have used my own camera to do original photography for the library website. It is difficult to explain graphic arts in words, so here are some examples of my work:

SirsiDynix e-Library has a customizable interface, allowing us to choose graphics and colors. I made many customizations for ULM’s catalog interface, including some original gradient images, and I later did them again when the platform software made some changes. Not long after doing this for the first time, I gave a presentation at the LOUIS Users’ Conference showing them how to use rudimentary CSS and make their own custom template for SirsiDynix e-Library.