LSU Vet Science location
Your Web Applications on Your Space

8:00 am - 8:45 am, King Room
Sponsor: Academic Section and Public Section

Home ownership is more ideal than renting because you may develop your property as you like. Owning your own web space is similar: You can install blogs, forms, and applications. This will cover how to choose hosting for these needs, demonstrations of applications, SQL databases, design basics, and more.

Tracks: Digital Information & Technology and Literature Programming & Outreach.

Presentation File with Notes: .pptx and .ppt

Websites installed
Codex: the Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL


ALEC: The Anti-Leno Education Center

Test-Only Moodle Site (removed Jan. 2011)

Applications mentioned
Simple Machines Forum - SMF

Open Journal Systems, Public Knowledge Project



Some suggested free programs

A free FTP program.
An amazingly useful plain text editor (read: HTML markup, CSS, PHP, etc). Highly recommended.
Image / graphics program (light alternative to Photoshop). It is free to use, but takes some getting used to.
"Web Developer" Firefox Add-On
This toolbar can disable images, show window size, validate markup, and much more. Requires Firefox of course.