The LLA '09 Presentation

Flash Slides (frames, really) 6 MB (requires Flash) Need Flash? Download the latest free Flash Player here.

Script / Notes (RTF file. Draft intended for speech; not proofed!)


FileZilla: free FTP software

GIMP: a free imaging program (light alternative to Adobe Photoshop)

Internet Explorer 6: A stand-alone version to test pages with. Not meant for acutal browsing!

Kompozer: an HTML editor

Notepad++: an amazingly useful plain text editor (read: HTML markup, CSS, PHP, etc). Highly recommended.

NVU: another HTML editor

PDF Forge: home of PDF Creator, which allows you to create PDFs for free

Seamonkey: Firefox's cousin; an all-in-one web application with an HTML editor

Web Developer Firefox Add-On: Can disable images, show window size, validate markup, and more.

Web Pages That Suck: for schandenfreudian education!

Things I've Worked on

ACRL-LA web page

ULM Library home page

ULM Library Web Pages Committee Blog  (this resides on my ULM server space, yet it is composed from So you can have a blog on your domain even if you can't install blog software. However, it doesn't work as well!)

Old ULM Library reference page (soon to be deleted)

Various demo pages (not a pretty "site"): (note: most of these have been removed as of Jan. 2011) (HTML faking CSS pretty well)