Karen @ LUC 2010
Your Web Applications on Your Space
Thursday, October 21, Session 3, 1:30pm, Room 1111

Home ownership is more ideal than renting because you may develop your property as you like. Owning your own web space is similar: You can install blogs, forms, and applications. This will cover how to choose hosting for these needs, demonstrations of applications, SQL databases, design basics, and more.
Be Your Own Geek Squad
Friday, October 22, Session 6, 8:30 am, Room 1111

Our institutions don't teach us how to manage our PCs, and do not service our home computers even if we do use them for work. It is such a valuable thing to know about, and yet it seems as if most people don't-- regardless of age. Remember: Computers are dumb and can't do anything without your instructions. It's not the other way around!

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